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ROLE : Experience, Visuals, Implementation

DURATION : April 2021-Present 

Merge Dragons!

Dragon Missions

Through the design of passive missions that explore the world of Dragonia, this feature provides new opportunities to reward the player for interacting with their Dragons. 

Lofi Wireframes to Hifi Mockups

Curating the User's Journey

The conceptual stages of the feature begin by translating the spec into a user flow. This serves as a foundational opportunity to discuss the major navigational paths that the user will take, what screens will transition to the next and ultimately how the player can complete the game loop. This helps to prevent any friction and identify edge cases early on. 

What are the key screens we're aiming to have the player interact with? 

What are the major navigational paths the player will take to complete the game loop?

How might we initially onboard the player  into the feature during their First Time User Experience 

Are there any moments of friction or edge cases that we can identify and prevent early on?

User Flow Chart

Visualizing the Experience

Now that the flow of the feature has been defined, we begin the process of wireframing the experience. This is where we can explore how we want to convey the information hierarchy and determine what is relevant to the user for each specific screen.  We would continue to iterate on our designs, moving into visual design. This is where we'd introduce placeholder art to gain a feel for the theme and ultimately incorporate final art from vendors. 

Wiresframes to Hifi Mockup iterations

Bringing the Game to Life

The feature is now beautifully polished in Figma which means it's time to begin translating this work into the Unity editor! Working closely with the engineering team and technical artists, prefabs are created and modified to match the feature's designed flow and visuals. New assets are carefully implemented into the project, focusing on retaining fidelity while minimizing file size. 

Unity Project Window - Rewards Screen

The End Result

The Dragon Missions feature has been released and is currently playable on market builds!

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