PROJECT : Bonsai

ROLE : Experience ,Visuals, Team Lead

DURATION : 1.5 weeks

Project Overview 

Helping people find the perfect plant.

Find tips, tricks and set up routines to keep you both healthy & happy. Utilize Augmented Reality to keep up to date on your plants vitals and special needs.

Transition Splash

" How often do I need to water this plant? " 

Start Off

Our inciting question led us to propose ourselves a simple challenge. Develop an intuitive experience to inform and assist users with relevant data & information.

How would the user interact with the product in different parts of the day?

How could we incorporate augmented reality into the core loop of the experience?

What types of experiences and utility are already available in the space?

How do we create an ecosystem of information relevant to users at all levels of expertise?

Will the on boarding help the users understand the functionality as well as to discover how the application works?

Identifying user needs

To address many of our design questions we first needed clarity on the experiences of our proposed user base. From here we’d be able to extrapolate the kinds of functionality and information needed to resolve various pain points.

A short questionnaire was drafted & distributed. Participants were also shorty interviewed.

Participants testimonies

" We water them whenever we remember lool  usually every 2 days, the bigger one requires more water but watered less often "

" If you live in a house with too much or too little humidity, that could kill them. You mess up on watering them or do too much, they could die "

" How much water are you supposed to give them? Do you spray em? You use a canteen, or use a plate? Some people tell me yeah, others say no, that's gonna kill em "

User familiarity questionnaire

Shared Spaces

We went through some of the top-rated apps to analyze the

features and treatment provided for their users. 

- This isn't about bonsai it is a copy and paste  please fill out later- 

Outside the sphere of gaming, the product that bears the most resemblance to ours would be “Fit bit” and their app. 

Garden Answers


Sun Seeker

My Garden

Plant Guide


Identify your plant
Comprehensive glossary
Assess sunlight & water 
Social Features


- Overly complicated interface 
- Information dense display 
- Undefined entry and exit points
- Lack of user friendly on boarding

User Journey & Information Ecosytem

We complied our data and charted out how we wanted our users to interact actively and passively, along with how they would contribute to the overall community database of tips, tricks and suggestions.

Whiteboard draft  - User on boarding

Final Iteration - User Flow, Info Eco

During this structuring phase we held a short divergent brainstorming session to highlight various points of difference we might be interested in exploring further on.

Feature short list

Prototypes & Iterations

We moved on to Figma next to develop our grey box prototype and scope our project down. Most importantly we wanted to ensure we could rapidly iterate on our project and have it feature complete by our deadline.

Grey box

After performing a few test runs on the grey box, our findings showed users would spend a large portion of their time on the main page & user feed. With this we chose to extrapolate the overall aesthetic from the final drafts of these pages. 

Iterations on our main page

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