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ROLE : Experience, Visuals, Implementation

DURATION : September 2020 - April 2021

New Visuals & Features


I joined onto the Puzzlescapes project as momentum was building through player interest. The objective was to enhance the player's experience with exciting new features tied together with a refreshed art direction.

Old to new comparison

Identifying Areas of Improvement

A great way to get familiarized with an already existing project is to deconstruct it's elements. From here I was able to analyze what worked well for the game and what were key opportunities to make it better.  

Overwhelming Main Menu 

  • Elements seemingly get lost such as the shop

  • Lack of a central focal point to guide the player's attention

  • Unconventional placements of UI elements such as the settings in the top left.

  • Art and logo lack a consistent theme and feels dull.

  • Confusing CTA Logic (One button includes a fill while others do not.

Uninspiring Game board

  • Booster icons could benefit from improved art that provides more character and excitement

  • UI elements do not compliment with the background image

Adding New Art

We worked with vendors to introduce new backgrounds that would fit nicely with our updates to the UI 

Gameboard backgrounds

Booster Iconography

More Ways to Play

In spirit of creating more playful interactions for the player, we aimed at introducing new paths for the player that were bold and exciting while reinforcing the core gameplay. 

Keeping it Playful

We explored ways that we could have  moments that rewarded players feel truly celebratory 

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