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ROLE : Experience, Visuals, Implementation

DURATION : June 2020 - September 2020 

A Blank Canvas

Word Getaway

This project was completed during my first internship at Zynga. It was also the first time I spearheaded the players experience on a game releasing to market. 

Starting as an MVP, this game moved into soft launch with a small team including myself one designer and one engineer.

How it started vs. How it's going

Pillars of the Game

This project was missing many of the core pillars that we've come to expect in games today such as a tutorial (FTUE), a HUD,  endgame celebrations and even a main menu! Being this barebone made objectives extremely clear and satisfying to design/implement. 


Updated HUD

Booster Cinematic 

Getaway (From Dev Art)

With the help of an illustrator and an asset package, I was able to establish a consistent and stylized art direction. This meant it was time for the placeholder art to go.

Group 4_edited.png

Thematic Branding

App Store

When we were ready to have the game live on the App Store, I designed the app icon and promotional images.

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